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Debut – Sept 19 2009

In Uncategorized on 09/21/2009 at 5:38 am

I was able to shoot a couple of frames at a debut yesterday…

What’s a debut?

“A débutante (from the French débutante, “female beginner”) is a young lady from an aristocratic or upper class family who has reached the age of maturity, and as a new adult, is introduced to society at a formal presentation known as her “début”.” – Wikipedia, 2009

So here are the highlights. I haven’t edited it all, but here’s a few so far.


The 35L is an amazing event lens! it has great perspective and the 1.4 DOF definitely helps with low light! The only problem with the 35L is that i have to be quite close to my subjects and it’s sometimes a nuisance, but i have to muster enough confidence to approach my subjects, say hi and ask them to look over here and pose. This lens is going to go through another test, portraiture setting in a bout a week or two. But so far, it’s definitely passing my tests.

I realized that it’s definitely time to let go of the 70-200mm f2.8 L IS. It’s a beautiful lens but i realized that it’s just not sharp enough for the 5dmkii. It’s time to revamp all of my gear again.

It’s time for a quick plan…

Sell 40D
Sell 70-200mm f2.8 IS
Purchase USED 135mm F2.0L
Purchase USED 85mm f1.2L

So the gear will consist of… 5dmkii, 35L, 85L, 135L.


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