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Good Bye Canon EOS 40D!

In Uncategorized on 09/22/2009 at 9:19 am

Today, I sold my Canon EOS 40D.

Why did i let it go?
-I didnt like that i had an inconsistency in focal length (one was a FF camera, and the other was 1.6x – so my 35mm would be zoomed to 56mm on the 40D)
-I realized that 10mp doesnt cut it for me anymore as i do tend to crop a lot at times.
-I’d rather have another lens to accompany my 5dmkii such as the 135mm f2L. Ill be patient to wait for a used copy to come into the market.
-My girlfriend was right, why do i need a second camera? And if i were to get a second camera, i’d definitely require a dual r-strap (pictured below). I’d require a 35L on a 5dmkii and a 85mm on another 5dmkii.

So whats the plan now?
– Save it until a used 135mm comes into the CL posting

-I’m selling my EF 70-200mm f2.8 L IS for 2000 CAD. 2.8 Doesnt cut it anymore. I am after the 85mm f1.2 now.


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