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009/365 – mama sushi train

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009/365 – mama sushi train – taken @ sushi train in surrey

I know i know! it’s 1am now on a saturday and i am just posting this… but whatever. i usually come home late from seeing my girlfriend so posting friday’s photo for the 365 is gonna be late. HAHA

anyways, this photo was taken at sushi train in surrey. It’s our favorite place to eat because A) its close to janelle’s house, and b) the food is really original in terms of choices and the food tastes really good..

we usually order the chopped scallop cone with udon soup. I usually order udon soup because soup refills are free and i tend to fill myself up with soup. WHAT?! i am a student! i need to save money!


008/365 – Titans

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008/365 – Titans – taken on the Canada line sky-train between the bridgeport & marine drive stops.

Man! today was tough! i had a couple of shots on the sky-train that i really liked but this one really stood out for me.

Since 2006, when i took the sky-train regularly to SFU, i’ve always wished that i would muster up enough courage to actually take photos without being looked at. Well today, i said screw it and i took these landscape photos as i crossed the bridge to Vancouver. I didn’t have much time to frame properly so i rested the iphone flat against the window and just kept pressing the shutter button on the iphone. i could only take about 2-3 shots until the towers passed me by, and i was lucky enough to take this photo. it was well composed and it looked beautiful to me.

what made this photo stand out for me was the sheer size of these towers. No one really appreciates how much work has gone into them and how much we rely on them to bring richmond power or communications. Even i am not so sure what their purpose serves.

007/365 – I hate the rain

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007/365 – I hate the rain – taken while driving home

When i was younger, i used to speed in the rain. You know, when you are young, you dont really think of things, and you could care less because you think you are invincible, but in reality, you arent.

One day, i was speeding in the rain, rushing to get home to get started on my homework. At that time, i was going to SFU and i had to catch up on my reading. I was hitting about 70km/h and didnt really care about the wet conditions. On one of my last turns getting home, i took a left turn at about 50km/h and i lost control of my car. My car hydroplaned, and i realized that i was understeering. In a panic, i hit the brakes hard, and my wheels locked, worsening my outcome. I hit the curb on the opposite side of the street and the passenger side wheel was forced into the left side of my car. The force of impact was so strong that it cracked the curb. In addition, it forced the right fender into my car, preventing me to open the passenger door. In terms of repair, i think it was 3k in damages because we had to get the full passenger assembly replaced, new axles for the car, and a wheel alignment.

Since then, i’ve always been very careful when it came to driving in the rain because i’m scared of hydroplaning, i am horrified of losing control of my car, and i now know that the rain owns me.

006/365 – Untitled

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006/365 – Untitled – taken at lions gate hospital

First of all, NO title can amount to describe how AWESOME this pumpkin is.

On tuesdays and wednesday, i attend clinical at Lions Gate Hospital. At around 12.45 pm, we get off the ward, and are alloted 45 minutes to gather our things and have a quick snack down in the cafeteria just prior to having post conference.

When i walked into the cafeteria, i went straight for the milk. On the desk immediately to my left, i saw a whole bunch of carved pumpkins being displayed. I looked at each of them closely and then i saw this one. I was speechless when i saw it! it was just too awesome!

Now the funny part was the fact that the eyes are made of hard boiled egg. The sodexo staff (the cafeteria staff) were also looking at it and they were commenting on it. They were laughing their butts off when one said,”the eyes are made of hard boiled eggs… Alam mo, ang BAHO nyan kung nag rot yan.(Tagalog translation: It’ll be SUPER stinky when those eyes rot out.) I dont want to work that day!” and i laughed.

005/365 – only a few left

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005/365 – only a few left – taken outside of my house.

Weather wise, the past few days have been horrible. It was either raining or not. But today, the sun finally peaked through and decided to come out. Despite of the cold and windy weather, it was actually a really nice cloudless day.

When i went out to take a photo of the sun, i noticed that the subsequent windy days have torn off almost every single leaf off the trees that line my front street. Only few are left hanging for their lives. This is one of them.

I really liked this photo. i took about 30 today, and this one stood out. i really like the backlighting of the leaf from the sun, and the nice contrast between the yellow/gold vs the blue background.

I’m addicted!

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I have an addiction. The first step to get rid of an addiction is to admit you have an addiction. so Hi! My name is Marlon and I am such a gear whore!

I have this huge lack of skill, but this huge addiction with gear itself! I must get faster lenses that can see in complete darkness. I must have faster cameras that have a BAJILLION megapixies! I have to have faster computers so i don’t sit and wait for the world to turn another day while i am rendering photos, or editing video. Faster this, faster that, faster everything!

So why do I need all of this gear? I believe I have potential, but before reaching that potential i must have the appropriate tools to unleash that said potential. But yet every time i get the gear i want, i dont feel that it’s enough and I must get MORE! Is that my excuse for going out there and buying all of this stuff?

I’m at a point where i believe i am a better photographer in terms of the technical aspect of photography. I’ve spent 2 years of my life learning about aperture, shutter speeds, ISOs, Flash exposures, and basically every technical mumbo jumbo related to photography. But now, it’s really time to switch gears! And I dont mean photo gear, I mean it’s time to turn my focus around!

Whenever i talk to my girlfriend about photo gear, she always shakes her head and rolls her eyes because she knows what i know! – i have more than enough gear to get things done and i just need to work on the creative aspect of photography. i need to get my exposure out there, and i need to just practice, practice, and practice! I need to get subjects and shoot them! I need to focus on what goes INTO a photo!

So why this late realization? well i can tell you that it’s not a NEW realization. It’s one that i’ve known for quite sometime now! what can i say? I’m a stubborn person! and i really need to stick to my word when i say no more gear! I NEED to have this on writing, so that when i even think of getting new gear, I (or my girlfriend) will refer back to this blog post and say, “back on october 26 2009 you’ve said, NO MORE GEAR! what are you doing now? Where was your practice? where are your photos? where is this? where is that! You didnt stick to your word!” I need to be accountable for my words, and i need to really take action.

So no more Gear! no more new lenses – not that i NEED any new lenses because i basically have a powerhouse of AWESOME lenses! No new cameras – not that i NEED a new camera. The 5dmkii is by the way, a KILLER camera! it’s definitely overkill for me! and so yeah! it’s time to stop wasting money, and it’s time to go out there, ask for volunteers, practice, practice, and practice some more as i get ready for the upcoming spring and summer wedding seasons of 2010.

004/365 – stop staring!

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004/365 – Stop Staring!

For lunch, we went out to eat at south ocean seafood resto! its basically a dimsum place. When the food came, my sister was bugging me to serve her food, and i just kept telling her no, no, no, no, never! Then she got mad, and stared at me! i told her to quit it, and she wouldnt stop. So i pulled out my iphone and took a snapshot of her like this! and I said… you are now on my 365 project. and here she is! Tada!

003/365 – pasta house

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003/365 – Pasta house

so i am about 23 minutes late on posting this. sorry! Earlier in the day, Janelle and I had lunch with her parents at Anton’s pasta… they all had white cream sauce with their pasta, and i had meat stuffed pasta with tomato sauce on it. There’s tons of things on that menu that it’s pretty crazy!

Anton’s pasta is on hastings, just a little after the pne going towards SFU. It’s definitely a great place to eat but hopefully you go only when there is no line up. We’ve gone there twice, fortunately for us, we had a seat right away.

002/365 Left out in the rain

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002/365 – Taken just outside of my house.

this faux kitchen has been left out by my neighbor for the longest time! i’m thinking weeks now… i’ve always wanted to snap a picture of it, and today i did just that. Every time this faux kitchen greets me on the way home, i always think of Janelle’s cute little cousin just because she, too, has one. we love playing with it. hahaha. one day, i’m just thinking that she’ll outgrow hers and it, too, will be out of the house and LEFT OUT IN THE RAIN. (what a segway LOL)

365 Project!

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Hey guys!

I’ve put myself to a new challenge of posting at least 1 photo per day for a whole year. And to make it harder for myself, i’ll only be using the apple iPhone! What fun! I’ll have my 365 project posted on my blog under the “365 project” page.

Wish me luck! i hope i can do it!

to start things off…

001/365 – Taken on the second floor of the Langara’s A building on my way to class.

i’ve always had an eye for these scooters, and i was just thinking of what a great alternative it is to get to school. They cost 3-4K, and are very light on gas. if i need to get to work or get to school, i can just hop on one, and head out! the only downside is the whole safety of it – which is probably the only reason why i will never get one.