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I’m on Youtube!

In Uncategorized on 10/18/2009 at 3:59 am

Hey guys!

Another update!

Just like every photographer, in the fall and winter time, we practice to create something new to present to our customers! So what i’ve done is I’ve create a video blog highlighting my gear! this is a great way to connect to my customers and a way for me to share tips with other photographers!

This is also a great way for me to learn more about adobe premier in terms of video editing as the 5dmkii can deliver amazing video captures!

So here’s the first video! I hope you guys like it!

  1. Hi!!
    I’ve been watching your youtube videos and the one about strobist is really interesting!!
    So I wrote up all the items I need to buy ,but I have few questions now
    My first doubt is about the Air cushioned stands. I couldn’t find anyone for the price you mentioned. what I see is from 40 $ more or less. The same with the convertible umbrellas, the cheapest one I see ( 36″) costs 30 $
    The other question is about your Vivitar 285HV. It seems that its production has ceased, according to gadgetinfinity, who is making now copies of it but with cactus brand. By the way, what do you reckon about this light kit?
    I own a canon 450D, so I guess all the stuff you recommend fits fine with it, right?
    Well, I’m sorry for such a long request. I’m from Spain and I found a bit thought to get good products keeping in mind the shipping and all that.
    Congratulations for you great videos, Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge! And you have really nice pics over here!

    • Hey Sonia!

      The vivitar 285hv isn’t discontinued as of yet. Here’s the Vivitar 285HV @ b&H for 89.95! You really cant go wrong with this flash!

      I’ve changed my minds about grip (things that hold your support your things) I’d recommend you to buy photoflex heavy duty light stands. I’ve changed my mind regarding the impact light stands, the build quality isnt there, and there are problems when it comes to bringing your stand up to the perfect height. I’d recommend you to spend more because once you buy it right, you only buy it once. It’s just like buying the vivitar 285hv. you only buy it once! I definitely wouldn’t recommend air cushioned light stands anymore because the gear that you are using is so lightweight that there is a low chance of your gear crashing down on you. Rather than spending money towards the air cushioning feature, i’d recommend you to get build quality and height. You can’t go wrong with more height. I am thinking of buying 13′ heavy duty light stands because at 13′, i can definitely mimic the effects of the sun! 1 problem that if face when it comes to light stands is the height issue. but i believe that at 13′ you really cant go wrong.

      I used to recommend cheaper gear such as impact’s gear. but after half a year of use, half of my gear is falling apart on me. When it comes to umbrellas, use the photoflex 45″ convertible umbrella. The impact version is about 15 dollars, but i’m sure youll end up breaking it, forcing you to buy another one. so at 30 dollars an umbrella its really the same thing. The material of both umbrellas is totally different, and you’ll like the feel of the photoflex fabric as its made of satin.

      Now when it comes to lighting, use alienbees cybersync triggers. they are really reliable, and the Pt-04Tms that i used to recommend tend to break, and are becoming unreliable with age. remember buy it right and you’ll only buy it once.

      When it’s all said and done, make sure you have sandbags to weigh down your gear! one time, i was having a shoot with my girlfriend and the stuff crash down on me, breaking one of my 45″ umbrellas. it bent a couple of the poles. it could have potentially broken my vivitar 285hv, but luckily, it didnt.

      So the new list would have to be this…

      Vivitar 285hv / photoflex light stand / photoflex 45″ umbrella / alienbees cybersync / sandbag. With that, you’ll love strobist photography, and you’ll love how reliable your gear is!

      i am waiting for paul C buff to release their einstein 640ws lights to upgrade my lights. the problem that i have with my lighting gear is the reliability of it. If my gear were more reliable, id have a lot more fun with it, and i’d definitely bring it out more.

  2. Hello Marlon!

    Thanks a million for all those new recommendations. You are such an expert in strobist!! 🙂 You are right about reliability, the price comes up buying the items you say, save more money and have good stuff is finally better though.
    I’ll try to find them in europe because we have to pay duties if it comes from USA, let see :S Anyway this is a good start. You should make a new video with all your changes of mind 😀
    I’m a bit disappointed about my flashgun Nissin Di622. It is a really good flash and I get a very nice light working with it, but the fact that it doesn’t work off camera (well it does if you use a main flash built in) I wouldn’t have bought it if I’d known it. So you have to learn a lot before purchase anything haha.

    Thanks again for your help. Hope your work gets even better with you new lights 🙂

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