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I’m addicted!

In About Me, Self Realizations on 10/27/2009 at 2:33 am

I have an addiction. The first step to get rid of an addiction is to admit you have an addiction. so Hi! My name is Marlon and I am such a gear whore!

I have this huge lack of skill, but this huge addiction with gear itself! I must get faster lenses that can see in complete darkness. I must have faster cameras that have a BAJILLION megapixies! I have to have faster computers so i don’t sit and wait for the world to turn another day while i am rendering photos, or editing video. Faster this, faster that, faster everything!

So why do I need all of this gear? I believe I have potential, but before reaching that potential i must have the appropriate tools to unleash that said potential. But yet every time i get the gear i want, i dont feel that it’s enough and I must get MORE! Is that my excuse for going out there and buying all of this stuff?

I’m at a point where i believe i am a better photographer in terms of the technical aspect of photography. I’ve spent 2 years of my life learning about aperture, shutter speeds, ISOs, Flash exposures, and basically every technical mumbo jumbo related to photography. But now, it’s really time to switch gears! And I dont mean photo gear, I mean it’s time to turn my focus around!

Whenever i talk to my girlfriend about photo gear, she always shakes her head and rolls her eyes because she knows what i know! – i have more than enough gear to get things done and i just need to work on the creative aspect of photography. i need to get my exposure out there, and i need to just practice, practice, and practice! I need to get subjects and shoot them! I need to focus on what goes INTO a photo!

So why this late realization? well i can tell you that it’s not a NEW realization. It’s one that i’ve known for quite sometime now! what can i say? I’m a stubborn person! and i really need to stick to my word when i say no more gear! I NEED to have this on writing, so that when i even think of getting new gear, I (or my girlfriend) will refer back to this blog post and say, “back on october 26 2009 you’ve said, NO MORE GEAR! what are you doing now? Where was your practice? where are your photos? where is this? where is that! You didnt stick to your word!” I need to be accountable for my words, and i need to really take action.

So no more Gear! no more new lenses – not that i NEED any new lenses because i basically have a powerhouse of AWESOME lenses! No new cameras – not that i NEED a new camera. The 5dmkii is by the way, a KILLER camera! it’s definitely overkill for me! and so yeah! it’s time to stop wasting money, and it’s time to go out there, ask for volunteers, practice, practice, and practice some more as i get ready for the upcoming spring and summer wedding seasons of 2010.

  1. I am glad that you are pursuing your passion. what they said is very true, do what you love, and the money will come. so keep on going, you will do great!!

  2. Ok… You said it. I like u to work on your skills ok? I know you have lots and lots of potential. 🙂

    but uhmm, lemme approve of your models/”subjects” first ok? Hehehehe love you.

    I can’t comment on fb coz I don’t have my laptop. I’ll copy paste this on there later when I get home

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