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006/365 – Untitled

In Apple iPhone, Project 365 on 10/28/2009 at 10:07 am

006/365 – Untitled – taken at lions gate hospital

First of all, NO title can amount to describe how AWESOME this pumpkin is.

On tuesdays and wednesday, i attend clinical at Lions Gate Hospital. At around 12.45 pm, we get off the ward, and are alloted 45 minutes to gather our things and have a quick snack down in the cafeteria just prior to having post conference.

When i walked into the cafeteria, i went straight for the milk. On the desk immediately to my left, i saw a whole bunch of carved pumpkins being displayed. I looked at each of them closely and then i saw this one. I was speechless when i saw it! it was just too awesome!

Now the funny part was the fact that the eyes are made of hard boiled egg. The sodexo staff (the cafeteria staff) were also looking at it and they were commenting on it. They were laughing their butts off when one said,”the eyes are made of hard boiled eggs… Alam mo, ang BAHO nyan kung nag rot yan.(Tagalog translation: It’ll be SUPER stinky when those eyes rot out.) I dont want to work that day!” and i laughed.


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