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007/365 – I hate the rain

In Apple iPhone, Project 365 on 10/29/2009 at 2:14 pm

007/365 – I hate the rain – taken while driving home

When i was younger, i used to speed in the rain. You know, when you are young, you dont really think of things, and you could care less because you think you are invincible, but in reality, you arent.

One day, i was speeding in the rain, rushing to get home to get started on my homework. At that time, i was going to SFU and i had to catch up on my reading. I was hitting about 70km/h and didnt really care about the wet conditions. On one of my last turns getting home, i took a left turn at about 50km/h and i lost control of my car. My car hydroplaned, and i realized that i was understeering. In a panic, i hit the brakes hard, and my wheels locked, worsening my outcome. I hit the curb on the opposite side of the street and the passenger side wheel was forced into the left side of my car. The force of impact was so strong that it cracked the curb. In addition, it forced the right fender into my car, preventing me to open the passenger door. In terms of repair, i think it was 3k in damages because we had to get the full passenger assembly replaced, new axles for the car, and a wheel alignment.

Since then, i’ve always been very careful when it came to driving in the rain because i’m scared of hydroplaning, i am horrified of losing control of my car, and i now know that the rain owns me.


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