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014/365 – I like my 85mm

In Apple iPhone, Project 365 on 11/05/2009 at 3:52 pm

014/365 – I like my 85mm – Taken at home

Today, I spent a good amount of my day at the hospital and at home. I was able to go out and shoot because i basically had to study for my nursing exam thats happening tomorrow.

Whenever i study in my room, i always have my camera on my table. Whenever i feel stressed, i always take a photo or two of the things around my room.

Today, I am posting a picture of my camera. I seriously like my 85L. I sold my 70-200mm f2.8L IS for it and i dont have a single regret. With this lens i can be more discreet as only photo nerds know the capabilities of this lens. This lens is stunning in terms of build quality, and the photos that it can achieve are unmatched by similar lenses thanks to its wide aperture, and amazing color rendition. I believe that it’s the perfect focal length for me for my projects and my work.

  1. nice lens! heard great review on the 85mm L II usm! sure its expensive! he perez i was trying to look at some pictures taken with this kind of lens.. do you have any sugestion on some sites that shoes any of them i notice you have taken a couple! there nice by the way! thanks you project 365 its looking good!

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