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038/365 – My brother’s Gundams!

In Canon 5DMKII, Canon EF 35mm f1.4 L, Project 365 on 12/01/2009 at 12:08 pm

038/365 – My brother’s Gundams!

Well this is about 3 days late. And with a good reason. i had a midterm today, and i really wanted to focus on my schooling as we are now in the end of the term! Oh and i’m doing a new change. No more titles! i find them distracting and they tend to draw attention because they pop out. LOL

Today i wanted to highlight my brother’s toys. These are his master grade gundams – i hope i got that right. He really likes these gundams and he wouldn’t even let me touch them! i actually have a small story to share with you guys.

My brother usually gets these gundams in Hong Kong whenever my dad intends to go there. Whenever my dad is in the philippines, we use skype to talk to him. The connection for skype is pretty good but there tends to be static once in a while. Anyways, my brother asked my dad if he could have some gundams. And when my dad heard it, he immediately asked my mom, “what?! he’s so young, why does he need condoms?” HAHAHAHA.

full size


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