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077/365 – Running around GVRD.

In Canon 5DMKII, Canon EF 35mm f1.4 L, Project 365 on 01/17/2010 at 3:40 am

077/365 – Running around GVRD.

Lots of things happened today! Too bad i didn’t get a picture of our dinner with Rica + Soy + Kayla. So before I start this, I’m just wondering if I’m allowed to post this many photos on 1 day. Hahaha! Anyways…

Top Left: During a break in between their classes, Afsoun was teaching Sylvia how to properly hold a tray because Sylvia had a new job as a waitress. Congrats!

Top Right: After classes, I bussed home and went straight for guilford mall to sell off my lens. That guy picked it up after testing it. Man, was it scary to count cash in that mall. hahaha.

Bottom Left: After our dinner with Kayla + Soy + Rica, Janelle and I dressed up to go and to new west to attend our friend’s birthday party. So happy birthday Kuya Ed!

Bottom Right: To end the night, Janelle and I took a few pictures around downtown new west. In this picture, i kept telling her to stop walking but she just wouldn’t listen – which is why she’s laughing!

So that’s that!


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