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090/365 – The Olympic Line!

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090/365 – The Olympic Line!

So since today was such a nice day, i decided to check out the Olympic Line. For those who don’t know, it can be found at the Olympic Village stop and it’ll carry passengers from the Olympic Village Skytrain Stop on the Canada Line, and carry them to Grandville Island.

Read more to find out what I experienced!

Once i got on, i noticed that all of the seats and handles were made of brown leather. It was pretty high end, and immediately, i thought of how easy it is for vandals to ruin these seats using knifes and whatnot. The streetcar is so small much like the very original streetcar. It is person driven which is different from the skytrains that we are used to.

It’s free from now until March 2 so check it out. It seems that they were getting prepared for the long line ups that are to be expected from the 2010 Winter Olympics.

  1. what happened to your 365? checking your update was part of my morning routine… now im going to have to go back to getting work done in the morning!

    • ill have updates soon – by this weekend. i am now up to day 116 i think. hahahah

  2. I like the streetcar images. Our company is looking into purchasing some images, how can I contact you?

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