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w/ Janelle @ Scoop!

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On August 29, 2010, Janelle (my girlfriend) and I attended Scoop’s 2nd Year Anniversary and all that we can say is that we loved the place! When we entered Scoop!, we felt right at home. We were very relaxed, and we were able to enjoy the rest of the sunny Sunday Afternoon (whoa… that was hard to say).

Check out our experience by clicking on “more and comment” below.

Scoop had a wood store front and it felt like a tiny lodge – which is the coolest thing ever because you rarely get that type of store these days. Anthony Lam from The Others was the one who invited us to the event and since we loved frozen yogurt, we just couldn’t pass it up! As most of you know, Anthony and I met when I took photos of him during the The Others photoshoot for JustALilHype. Anthony Lam and Andrew Lau worked with Scoop to create their 2nd year anniversary tees – Janelle and I bought one each!

So the way it works at Scoop! is that you order the frozen yogurt you desire (I went with mango and Janelle went with the original) and the toppings are self served! You can go nuts on the toppings and sauce! When you end up visiting the place, I HIGHLY suggest the fresh mangoes and strawberries! They are just too tasty to pass up!

The frozen yogurt was amazing and in my opinion, it was the perfect mix of sweetness. I highly suggest that you try it out! We were so enthusiastic about the place that we invited another friend of ours, K-anne Guray and she too, loved the place.

So that’s pretty much it for me! Make sure you check scoop! out! The place is situated in Kitsalano on West 4th Avenue. Their address is 2050 West 4th Ave. Vancouver, B.C. and you can them out at scoopyogurt.com.

Take it easy!

  1. Why wasn’t I invited? LOL!!

  2. Nice photos of your GF. She’s one asian hottie. Definitely model material!

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