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Engagement: John & Elizabeth

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John & Liz met at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom which is a small Catholic university in rural Ontario. They were engaged on July 21, 2010 and are set to be married next year on July 16, 2011 at Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel at St. Michael’s Catholic Church, in Douglas, Ontario which is Elizabeth’s home parish. With John and Liz, it was easy to see true love shine. I asked them one simple question and that was “What makes your other half so special to you?” So rather than talking on their behalf, I’ll let them share their own replies.

Click “more and comment” to know their replies & see their engagement photos!

“She’s sweet, faithful, and simple. She’s exactly what I want in a future wife and mother.” – John

“I respected John a lot since the first moment I met him and started to get to know him. He is one of the greatest men I have ever known; he treats everyone he encounters with respect and attention, and loves them just for who they are.” – Elizabeth

“When I first met her, I was struck by her earnestness and sincerity. You could tell she was very genuine – very special. ” – John

“He brings with him a very peaceful presence, and I feel secure when I’m with him.”- Elizabeth

“What made her especially attractive to me was her values. She valued her relationship with God and with her family – The two most important things for me.” – John.

“He’s my best friend, and we laugh all the time when we’re together.” – Elizabeth

To end this post, I just wish John and Liz a happy marriage filled with love!


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