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Date Night: Hart House in Burnaby

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Ohhhh.. Another eerie restaurant. Just like the teahouse in Stanley Park, this one was another beautiful home with a lot of history! The thirteen-acre estate Hart House has a plethora of history that dates back to 1906 though the restaurant has only been open since 1988. Janelle and I had dinner there to celebrate my new position as a RN for a local hospital here in the Greater Vancouver Area. Look at the other photos we took after the break!

So yes! That’s right! I am now hired to work as a registered nurse. I have been waiting for 4 years and have gone through a lot of sleepless and worried nights to have this opportunity to find work in this career. I have been so busy with my career that I have not had time to give due attention to my friends, and my YouTube subscribers. Throughout nursing school, I have also had a tough time financing my lifestyle with all of my addictions – namely photography gear, clothing, and watches (which has thankfully subsided and I am proud to say that I am gaining financial independence once again). I am just thankful for the support that I received from my family and Janelle through my trouble times. Hopefully this is the turnaround that I am have been waiting for and am due for.

I am thankful for the positive recommendations from the nursing staff, my clinical educators, and my references. Without them, I wouldn’t have gotten my interview this early before my graduation. Not only that, but I have been blessed to have another interview for the care home that I am currently employed at. I submitted my resume today, and the manager said that she will talk to me next week when I come into work on February 17th. I look forward to meeting with my manager to hopefully discuss my potential contribution to her healthcare team. I am quite loyal to that care home because when I was 21 and was looking for a care aide job, none of the other care homes that I submitted my resume to called me back except for the care home where I currently work at.

This is very positive change in my life. It was not part of my goals for this year, but it was a very nice surprise. So once again, thank you to everyone who has helped to support me. I could not have done it without your kind encouragement. Next up for me is to save up money to pay off my car, and other finances. Hopefully, I will be able to repay back my parents and continue on my financial goal which I can blog about at a later date.

Back to the Hart House Topic.

I found the hart house through a groupon that I purchased last year. I purchased three groupons worth $40 for $20. Janelle and I spent about 60-70 dollars on our bill which for a high end restaurant, isn’t so bad. The food was fantastic and plenty. We received good proportions and thoroughly enjoyed our meals. (To be honest, I can’t recall the last time we ate at a fast food restaurant. I think that as Janelle and I grow up, our taste for food matures as well.) For appetizers, we had their french baguette, and home style cooked bread. I liked the baguette, Janelle liked the latter. For dinner, I had 12 oz New York Stake with crushed potatoes on the side. Next time, I will try their 16 oz Rib Steak and have roasted wild mushrooms or Janelle and I will share a 24 oz Rib Stake (we will still decide on that later as we have two more groupons for this restaurant). Janelle had a tagliatelle carbonara which she really enjoyed. We have eaten at other local pasta places but she really enjoyed the carbonara here as the flavor was more subdued and manageable to the last bite compared to the pasta that for example, Jimoco in Coquitlam or Anton’s in Burnaby serves. (That reminds me, we will have to go back to Jimoco). And finally, for dessert, Janelle and I shared the Vanilla Gelato Sundae which was alright to me, but Janelle really enjoyed it.

I will have to update you all again next week regarding my potential position at the care home I work at. But for now, enjoy the pictures and thank you for reading my blog.

(I just realized that I am wearing the same clothes as I wore for the TeaHouse Restaurant in Stanley Park. I love this purple dress shirt. Janelle gave it to me for Christmas 2011. I use it for all of my interviews, meetings and important occasions now.)


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