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028/365 – Glue ‘er down.

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028/365 – Glue ‘er down.

On early tuesday and wednesday mornings, I usually find myself at Lions Gate Hospital (LGH). I work on 4 east, helping the acute population. Every term since term 2, Langara students have been assigned to make a poster and leave it for the ward. The poster can be of any topic that could be benefit the ward. We decided as a clinical group that we’d be helping people by teaching them a thing or two about body mechanics.

So after clinical, we headed to Ka Wai’s house and worked on the project. This took us about 2-3 hours to complete, and we were done in 1 day. I guess all of really have to do now is complete the references.

Now that the project is out of the way, there are two more things ahead of me; my clinical final PAF, and my last patho midterm next friday.

full size: http://i45.tinypic.com/dqhcte.jpg


025/365 – Cheesecake etc.

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025/365 – Cheesecake etc.

WHO doesnt love cheesecake. Seriously. It’s soooooo goood!!!

After the pacman fight, we headed downtown to attend andrew’s 23rd birthday at pop opera. Man was the line up crazy! It was hard to get in and we stood outside for an hour. When the clock hit 12, we realized that if we headed in at 12.15-12.30, we’d only be staying for 15-30 minutes because janelle had to head home at 1. So we left.

Standing in line made us pretty hungry, so we went out to cheesecake etc. When Janelle and I were first dating, i took her to cheesecake etc. all of the time. As time went on, we rarely left her house to eat out and if we ever did, we always went to sushi train. It was nice to get reacquainted with the cheesecake. YUmmm…

024/365 – Prep for Pac Man!

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024/365 – Prep for Pac Man!

Today, i went to work in the morning. i got up by 5am and worked until 3pm. We had a couple of things planned for today. (1) To go see the pac man fight vs cotto at my sister’s place and (2) was to attend andrew’s birthday.

So here we are prepping for pac man! we bought 12 Liters of Pop (coke, sprite, and canada dry), 1 tub of vanilla ice cream, and 1 bag of ice at shoppers. Who knew shoppers had this stuff in there.

oh and we were happy that pacman won! 😀 so yeah. now i gotta find a copy of the fight just to rewatch it over and over again.

023/365 – rushing home.

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023/365 – rushing home

It’s time to head home! Today, i did tons of things! I went downtown to commercial to meet up with a guy to grab a canon EF 24-70mm f2.8L Used. I got it used because i knew that i wouldn’t be using it that much. For 1025 it wasnt bad at all.

then i rushed to langara to work on my clinical project. We are working on a poster based on body mechanics. 😀

After that i went to my biology class as i always do. And then i rushed home to see Janelle.

When i saw janelle, we decided to eat out. We headed to eat at cusina de manila. (i think). It was pretty good.

022/365 – VW Corrado

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022/365 – VW Corrado

Today, i went to take photos of my friend’s car – Its a VW corrado. The Volkswagen Corrado is a hatchback coupe developed by Volkswagen and was in production between 1988 and 1995.

Its a sweet looking car with sexy lines! and when he is finished, i’d be damn sure to be there again to shoot it!

021/365 – Christmas is here!

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021/365 – Christmas is here!

Today is remembrance day. And since we had a day off to commemorate all of those who died in war, i spent a good portion of it with Janelle. we went to study together because i have an upcoming bio test.

anyways, janelle’s mom was putting up decorations for christmas and i thought that these little santas were sooo cute! They are definitely cute enough to be part of my 365!

now comes the worst part of christmas… christmas shopping. I HATE christmas shopping. It brings stress to my life.

017/365 – a happy family…

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017/365 – a happy family…

I know i am late once again. Sigh… Today it looks like i’ll be posting two photos LOL. Anyways…

this was taken @ janelle’s relative’s place. It was made by one of her cousins, and it was a representation of their family. You can see the stairs as they walk down, they own a horse, and the funny thing is, it seems that their house has a HUGE gigantic plane on top of it – not visible in the picture. I love the imagination of kids – nothing is impossible, nothing abides to the rules of the world. Everything is possible.

013/365 – Double Duty

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013/365 – Double Duty – Taken at home.

First of all… yeah i know that there are other fonts out there. stop bugging me about it! i like the font! I like staying within my comfort font zone. Can you guys recommend other nice fonts?

Anyways… I’m not sure if you guys remember this, but back in the summer I was giving away a coat rack. Anyways, someone claimed it but never actually took it so it just stayed in my foyer since then. Today, we were actually able to use it to hang an IV bag for my sister. so that’s pretty much it for today, i wonder what i’ll witness tomorrow.

010/365 – “Man…”

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010/365 – “Man…” – taken @ janelle’s Complex

The guy behind the mask is janelle’s little cousin. When i arrived at janelle’s house, i saw them trick or treating, i was going to spook them until i saw the mask. I got kinda scared faster than i could scare them. So i chickened out and just said… hey.. i am over here.

When i was trick or treating with him alone, he would look into windows to see if anyone was at home… thats when i said, “man…Yani! come back! there are people there! dont scare them!” He turned to me and said, “i’m not scaring them! I am just looking in to see if anyone is there.” And all i could do is chuckle. LOL.

009/365 – mama sushi train

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009/365 – mama sushi train – taken @ sushi train in surrey

I know i know! it’s 1am now on a saturday and i am just posting this… but whatever. i usually come home late from seeing my girlfriend so posting friday’s photo for the 365 is gonna be late. HAHA

anyways, this photo was taken at sushi train in surrey. It’s our favorite place to eat because A) its close to janelle’s house, and b) the food is really original in terms of choices and the food tastes really good..

we usually order the chopped scallop cone with udon soup. I usually order udon soup because soup refills are free and i tend to fill myself up with soup. WHAT?! i am a student! i need to save money!