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On October 22 2009, I’ve challenge myself to take and edit 1 photo per day for a whole year! Photos will be taken using an iPhone 3Gs, and photo editing will occur on the iPhone. Text addition and watermarking will be added using photoshop CS4. This challenge will help me learn the value of goals!

001/365 – Taken on the second floor of the Langara’s A building on my way to class.

i’ve always had an eye for these scooters, and i was just thinking of what a great alternative it is to get to school. They cost 3-4K, and are very light on gas. if i need to get to work or get to school, i can just hop on one, and head out! the only downside is the whole safety of it – which is probably the only reason why i will never get one.

002/365 – Taken just outside of my house.

this faux kitchen has been left out by my neighbor for the longest time! i’m thinking weeks now… i’ve always wanted to snap a picture of it, and today i did just that. Every time this faux kitchen greets me on the way home, i always think of Janelle’s cute little cousin just because she, too, has one. we love playing with it. hahaha. one day, i’m just thinking that she’ll outgrow hers and it, too, will be out of the house and LEFT OUT IN THE RAIN. (what a segway LOL)

003/365 – Pasta house

so i am about 23 minutes late on posting this. sorry! Earlier in the day, Janelle and I had lunch with her parents at Anton’s pasta… they all had white cream sauce with their pasta, and i had meat stuffed pasta with tomato sauce on it. There’s tons of things on that menu that it’s pretty crazy!

Anton’s pasta is on hastings, just a little after the pne going towards SFU. It’s definitely a great place to eat but hopefully you go only when there is no line up. We’ve gone there twice, fortunately for us, we had a seat right away.

004/365 – Stop Staring!

For lunch, we went out to eat at south ocean seafood resto! its basically a dimsum place. When the food came, my sister was bugging me to serve her food, and i just kept telling her no, no, no, no, never! Then she got mad, and stared at me! i told her to quit it, and she wouldnt stop. So i pulled out my iphone and took a snapshot of her like this! and I said… you are now on my 365 project. and here she is! Tada!

005/365 – only a few left – taken outside of my house.

Weather wise, the past few days have been horrible. It was either raining or not. But today, the sun finally peaked through and decided to come out. Despite of the cold and windy weather, it was actually a really nice cloudless day.

When i went out to take a photo of the sun, i noticed that the subsequent windy days have torn off almost every single leaf off the trees that line my front street. Only few are left hanging for their lives. This is one of them.

I really liked this photo. i took about 30 today, and this one stood out. i really like the backlighting of the leaf from the sun, and the nice contrast between the yellow/gold vs the blue background.

006/365 – Untitled – taken at lions gate hospital

First of all, NO title can amount to describe how AWESOME this pumpkin is.

On tuesdays and wednesday, i attend clinical at Lions Gate Hospital. At around 12.45 pm, we get off the ward, and are alloted 45 minutes to gather our things and have a quick snack down in the cafeteria just prior to having post conference.

When i walked into the cafeteria, i went straight for the milk. On the desk immediately to my left, i saw a whole bunch of carved pumpkins being displayed. I looked at each of them closely and then i saw this one. I was speechless when i saw it! it was just too awesome!

Now the funny part was the fact that the eyes are made of hard boiled egg. The sodexo staff (the cafeteria staff) were also looking at it and they were commenting on it. They were laughing their butts off when one said,”the eyes are made of hard boiled eggs… Alam mo, ang BAHO nyan kung nag rot yan.(Tagalog translation: It’ll be SUPER stinky when those eyes rot out.) I dont want to work that day!” and i laughed.

007/365 – I hate the rain – taken while driving home

When i was younger, i used to speed in the rain. You know, when you are young, you dont really think of things, and you could care less because you think you are invincible, but in reality, you arent.

One day, i was speeding in the rain, rushing to get home to get started on my homework. At that time, i was going to SFU and i had to catch up on my reading. I was hitting about 70km/h and didnt really care about the wet conditions. On one of my last turns getting home, i took a left turn at about 50km/h and i lost control of my car. My car hydroplaned, and i realized that i was understeering. In a panic, i hit the brakes hard, and my wheels locked, worsening my outcome. I hit the curb on the opposite side of the street and the passenger side wheel was forced into the left side of my car. The force of impact was so strong that it cracked the curb. In addition, it forced the right fender into my car, preventing me to open the passenger door. In terms of repair, i think it was 3k in damages because we had to get the full passenger assembly replaced, new axles for the car, and a wheel alignment.

Since then, i’ve always been very careful when it came to driving in the rain because i’m scared of hydroplaning, i am horrified of losing control of my car, and i now know that the rain owns me.

008/365 – Titans – taken on the Canada line sky-train between the bridgeport & marine drive stops.

Man! today was tough! i had a couple of shots on the sky-train that i really liked but this one really stood out for me.

Since 2006, when i took the sky-train regularly to SFU, i’ve always wished that i would muster up enough courage to actually take photos without being looked at. Well today, i said screw it and i took these landscape photos as i crossed the bridge to Vancouver. I didn’t have much time to frame properly so i rested the iphone flat against the window and just kept pressing the shutter button on the iphone. i could only take about 2-3 shots until the towers passed me by, and i was lucky enough to take this photo. it was well composed and it looked beautiful to me.

what made this photo stand out for me was the sheer size of these towers. No one really appreciates how much work has gone into them and how much we rely on them to bring richmond power or communications. Even i am not so sure what their purpose serves.

009/365 – mama sushi train – taken @ sushi train in surrey

I know i know! it’s 1am now on a saturday and i am just posting this… but whatever. i usually come home late from seeing my girlfriend so posting friday’s photo for the 365 is gonna be late. HAHA

anyways, this photo was taken at sushi train in surrey. It’s our favorite place to eat because A) its close to janelle’s house, and b) the food is really original in terms of choices and the food tastes really good..

we usually order the chopped scallop cone with udon soup. I usually order udon soup because soup refills are free and i tend to fill myself up with soup. WHAT?! i am a student! i need to save money!

010/365 – “Man…” – taken @ janelle’s Complex

The guy behind the mask is janelle’s little cousin. When i arrived at janelle’s house, i saw them trick or treating, i was going to spook them until i saw the mask. I got kinda scared faster than i could scare them. So i chickened out and just said… hey.. i am over here.

When i was trick or treating with him alone, he would look into windows to see if anyone was at home… thats when i said, “man…Yani! come back! there are people there! dont scare them!” He turned to me and said, “i’m not scaring them! I am just looking in to see if anyone is there.” And all i could do is chuckle. LOL.

011/365 – Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

I saw this in a store today (though i forgot the name of the store)… anyways, they were selling household decorations and when i saw this high looking cow, i immediately said, “WHAT is this cow on?!” Look at how red his eyes are! WHAT THE HECK!

So anyways, i am just catching up on my 365! i hope i dont get anymore delays. i’ve had 2 this week. Man! I really gotta pick it up!

012/365 – This is my ride. – taken on the bridgeport platform.

Since the canada line skytrain opened, i’ve been commuting to school as oppose to driving there. Sure it takes a little longer as oppose to the 30 minute commute by driving, but i’m not complaining when i consider how much gas money i am saving.

The skytrain takes 24 minutes to get downtown, 12 to get to langara from bridgeport. thats really fast – now only if i lived right in front of the skytrain. The longest part of my commute would have to be the 404 that i take home.

013/365 – Double Duty – Taken at home.

First of all… yeah i know that there are other fonts out there. stop bugging me about it! i like the font! I like staying within my comfort font zone. Can you guys recommend other nice fonts?

Anyways… I’m not sure if you guys remember this, but back in the summer I was giving away a coat rack. Anyways, someone claimed it but never actually took it so it just stayed in my foyer since then. Today, we were actually able to use it to hang an IV bag for my sister. so that’s pretty much it for today, i wonder what i’ll witness tomorrow.

014/365 – I like my 85mm – Taken at home

Today, I spent a good amount of my day at the hospital and at home. I was able to go out and shoot because i basically had to study for my nursing exam thats happening tomorrow.

Whenever i study in my room, i always have my camera on my table. Whenever i feel stressed, i always take a photo or two of the things around my room.

Today, I am posting a picture of my camera. I seriously like my 85L. I sold my 70-200mm f2.8L IS for it and i dont have a single regret. With this lens i can be more discreet as only photo nerds know the capabilities of this lens. This lens is stunning in terms of build quality, and the photos that it can achieve are unmatched by similar lenses thanks to its wide aperture, and amazing color rendition. I believe that it’s the perfect focal length for me for my projects and my work.

015/365 – On every 3rd week – Taken at the barbers

On every 3rd week i usually get a haircut. My hair gets really long to the point that when i wake up, it usually looks like a bomb went off in my hair. I try my best to not do my hair, because its such a chore for me. It’s that one extra thing i have to do when i wake up. WOW lazy eh?

Well the thing is, whenever i have to go to clinical, i have to wake up at 5.30 and get out of bed by 5.45. I have to get out of the house by 6 which leaves me 15 minutes to wake myself up, take a shower, get changed, eat breakfast, and look prepared and confident to kick ass in clinical. So if my hair is short, and naturally combs itself, then its that one less thing i have to do in the morning.

016/365 – Stepping in – Taken at home

So i’ve decided that i should change the name of the 365 project to just that… 365 project! I am going to let other cameras step in and take the place of the iphone 3gs. The iphone is quite limited in terms of focal length and control of depth of field. I’ve realized that at times i need length, and i want full control over Depth of field. I want to take pictures of street people, i want to take pictures of sceneries… i want to add things to this project. And you cant say no. Its my project! =p

So welcome 5d! Step on in!

017/365 – a happy family…

I know i am late once again. Sigh… Today it looks like i’ll be posting two photos LOL. Anyways…

this was taken @ janelle’s relative’s place. It was made by one of her cousins, and it was a representation of their family. You can see the stairs as they walk down, they own a horse, and the funny thing is, it seems that their house has a HUGE gigantic plane on top of it – not visible in the picture. I love the imagination of kids – nothing is impossible, nothing abides to the rules of the world. Everything is possible.

018/365 – Routine – taken at home

Raking the leaves seem to be a dull and boring chore. we do it every year because we have two huge trees at the front of our house. Though it may seem like we got it bad, we have to realize that we don’t because in front of our cul-de-sac there is a guy with 8 trees in the front of his house and when fall comes around, he gets the most abuse from mother nature.

019/365 – ribbit – Taken at home.

Kinda Cheating today. Today was kind of slow because all i did was spend time studying and just going to class.

I am not sure how long this frog has been in our family. Have you guys seen this frog around? I’ve seen bigger versions out there. Well anyways, for those who don’t know, the frog can be used to make noise! The stick that its eating is rubbed on the ribs that go from his head to his tail. It makes a sound similar to a washboard sound. It’s pretty cool actually. I remember when i first saw it, i spent some time playing with it.

020/365 – Dream on… – Taken while driving.

In the back of my mind i’ve always wanted a fast car like this audi R8. But something inside of me says that i am pretty stupid to even think about fast cars because of 1 reason – its not the best investment to make as cars depreciate in value faster than you can drive it. And i know that it’s a good idea to buy a vehicle worth more than 30K. Maybe this is just me being too cheap. haha. who knows.

And btw. I WOULD NEVER BUY THE AUDI R8. you wanna know why? it doesnt have a sunroof. 😛

021/365 – Christmas is here!

Today is remembrance day. And since we had a day off to commemorate all of those who died in war, i spent a good portion of it with Janelle. we went to study together because i have an upcoming bio test.

anyways, janelle’s mom was putting up decorations for christmas and i thought that these little santas were sooo cute! They are definitely cute enough to be part of my 365!

now comes the worst part of christmas… christmas shopping. I HATE christmas shopping. It brings stress to my life.

022/365 – VW Corrado

Today, i went to take photos of my friend’s car – Its a VW corrado. The Volkswagen Corrado is a hatchback coupe developed by Volkswagen and was in production between 1988 and 1995.

Its a sweet looking car with sexy lines! and when he is finished, i’d be damn sure to be there again to shoot it!

023/365 – rushing home

It’s time to head home! Today, i did tons of things! I went downtown to commercial to meet up with a guy to grab a canon EF 24-70mm f2.8L Used. I got it used because i knew that i wouldn’t be using it that much. For 1025 it wasnt bad at all.

then i rushed to langara to work on my clinical project. We are working on a poster based on body mechanics. 😀

After that i went to my biology class as i always do. And then i rushed home to see Janelle.

When i saw janelle, we decided to eat out. We headed to eat at cusina de manila. (i think). It was pretty good.

024/365 – Prep for Pac Man!

Today, i went to work in the morning. i got up by 5am and worked until 3pm. We had a couple of things planned for today. (1) To go see the pac man fight vs cotto at my sister’s place and (2) was to attend andrew’s birthday.

So here we are prepping for pac man! we bought 12 Liters of Pop (coke, sprite, and canada dry), 1 tub of vanilla ice cream, and 1 bag of ice at shoppers. Who knew shoppers had this stuff in there.

oh and we were happy that pacman won! 😀 so yeah. now i gotta find a copy of the fight just to rewatch it over and over again.

025/365 – Cheesecake etc.

WHO doesnt love cheesecake. Seriously. It’s soooooo goood!!!

After the pacman fight, we headed downtown to attend andrew’s 23rd birthday at pop opera. Man was the line up crazy! It was hard to get in and we stood outside for an hour. When the clock hit 12, we realized that if we headed in at 12.15-12.30, we’d only be staying for 15-30 minutes because janelle had to head home at 1. So we left.

Standing in line made us pretty hungry, so we went out to cheesecake etc. When Janelle and I were first dating, i took her to cheesecake etc. all of the time. As time went on, we rarely left her house to eat out and if we ever did, we always went to sushi train. It was nice to get reacquainted with the cheesecake. YUmmm…

026/365 – Companionship.

It was definitely a cold, dark and rainy day today. and before i left the house, i set a goal to take pictures of people with umbrellas. but it didnt happen because it wasnt raining too hard until after the sun went down.

so today, i took a picture of this old couple waiting at the bus stop. It warmed my heart to see companionship because to me, it’s one of the key values i hold dear and it’s one of the reasons why Janelle is so important in my life. She’s definitely there when i need her, and i am there when she needs me. (Actually, even when she doesnt need me, i am there to bug her. =P )

027/365 – Proud to be.

Today, i was actually going to post this picture called red. (If you are interested to see: http://i46.tinypic.com/2a0gutc.jpg) Well basically because, today, when i got off at early at the hospital, i ended up hitting traffic from north van to richmond. I went down SE marine drive and was caught up in the traffic heading to the knight bridge. There was apparently an accident on the knight bridge. I evaded it and went straight for the oak bridge. The oak bridge was also packed with traffic so i decided to take the arthur lang bridge. It was my only option. Traffic wasnt so bad when i got to richmond. But by the time i got home, i realized that it took me about an hour and 30 minutes to get home. Normally, i just takes 45. Sigh.

But anyways, today, i decided to post PROUD TO BE. because today, i received my “canon shooter” decal for my macbook. I remember i ordered this during patho class and i was deciding on what i should say on it. I was lucky enough to pick the font, and the colors. I remember thinking of what i should put on my macbook. i had a couple of choices between, “Nikon Sucks”, “I am an L prime guy”, “I am an L-coholic”, etc. But in the end i decided to pick “canon shooter”. I am so glad it turned out the way it did, and i love the sticker. Now i just hope it doesnt come off. HAHA

oh and if you are wondering what that black thing is on the top right hand corner of my macbook, well its a 9-in-1 sandisk card reader. I velcro-ed it onto my macbook so that i never lose the card reader. I use to use it extensively when i edited photos on my macbook. But now that i am running an OC-ed i7 powerhouse at home, the macbook is used for surfing the net and completing homework.

now i am just thinking, “what if i switch to nikon…” well maybe i’ll need a new macbook and a new sticker. HAHA

EDIT: I put the wrong date for RED. it’s suppose to be 027/365. It’s so hard to keep track of dates!

028/365 – Glue ‘er down.

On early tuesday and wednesday mornings, I usually find myself at Lions Gate Hospital (LGH). I work on 4 east, helping the acute population. Every term since term 2, Langara students have been assigned to make a poster and leave it for the ward. The poster can be of any topic that could be benefit the ward. We decided as a clinical group that we’d be helping people by teaching them a thing or two about body mechanics.

So after clinical, we headed to Ka Wai’s house and worked on the project. This took us about 2-3 hours to complete, and we were done in 1 day. I guess all of really have to do now is complete the references.

Now that the project is out of the way, there are two more things ahead of me; my clinical final PAF, and my last patho midterm next friday.

029/365 – You know it.

Every thursday we have a nursing class; Nursing 2140. Its a lecture where they teach us things to enhance our clinical experience. Today, we learned about strokes.

In addition (i love saying “in addition”), Today, we learned that jed is one cool cat. hahaha. Nice drawing trish! hahaha.

030/365 – *fujifilm* instax.

I am going to try and highlight a new product every friday. The product be anything, basically, it’ll just help me try to improve my photography.

I am trying to create new themes for every day. So friday will be PRODUCT DAY! I just want different themes thats all. Saturdays could be landscape days. Mondays could be skytrain days. i dont know. i’ll just make it up as I go. But friday is product day for sure!

So the fujifilm instax is a instant film camera. Its a nice replacement for the retired polaroids (i think they are bringing it back thought). I bought the instax camera from ebay for 80 dollars and It came with 110 pieces of film for an addition 80-100 dollars. So far, i have only used up 20 or so films. I have to power through them next year before they expire in OCT 2010.

for those interested on how i shot this, look below.

Behind the scene shot

031/365 – Happy Birthday Love!

Today is a very special day! It’s Janelle’s 22nd birthday. So happy birthday love!

A couple of days back, i asked Janelle what she wanted for her birthday. She said that she wanted homemade cupcakes, so i did just that. I baked her some cupcakes – It’s a chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting and green sprinkles – green is her favorite color.

I used to bake back in high school, and i dont remember it to be this tiring or remember taking this long. I started baking at 8.30pm and finished by midnight. I’m just lucky i didnt run into any spills or any problems with my mixer.

You guys might like to take a look at the behind the scenes shot for this photo.

behind the scenes

032/365 – Addicted.

I am addicted to media arts – both photo and video. It takes me away from the stressful life of nursing and it frees me to be as creative as i please. I am so addicted to media arts that i can spend the entire day in front of the computer editing photo or video, or i can search up photography or videography related gear. I also participate in active forums that talk about just that – media arts.

Today, i spent the entire morning and afternoon finishing up my clinical PAF and studying for my upcoming monday patho exam. also, i was able to edit and put together a video from janelle’s birthday party last night – the link can be found below.

For the who are curious, The left monitor has Lightroom open and the right monitor has Adobe Premier CS4 open. I should be editing with vegas pro 9 soon.

Janelle’s Birthday Party [Youtube]

033/365 – Cha-ching!

When i woke up this morning, i found out that class was canceled. So i exchanged the 1 hour and 30 minutes of time that i would spend on the public transit system, and dedicated it towards something utterly useless – looking up photo gear online on b&h’s online store. While i was doing that, i phoned up janelle to say good morning (as i always do) and she made me promise her that i’d stop wasting my time and go study instead. So i promised her just that, closed my laptop and prepared to go downstairs to study.

I opened my bedroom door and found my dad standing in front of me with a catalog in hand. He hand me the winter 2009 product catalog from b&h. It arrived in the mail! MAN! It just wouldn’t leave me this morning! Sigh. Anyways, i was able to put it down and study instead. just as i promised. It was sealed earlier, i opened it up to take this picture.

034/365 – Chocolate Milk!

Oh my goodness!! I REally really really like chocolate milk! ITS SOOOOOO GOOODDDDD!

today, i didnt really know what i was going to take a picture of. When the clock hit 11.00PM, i was panicking because i didnt know what to post. When i went downstairs to grab some milk,i realized that i had to post a shot of it. I set the camera on a tripod, change the drive mode to “speed mode” on the 5D and i asked my mom to hit and hold the shutter as i poured the milk into the cup. It took me two cups of milk to get this shot! – i drank both of them. YUmmm…

035/365 – Old Toys.

This was from a couple of years back. I dont even know what the name of the actual character is but all that i know is that it’s from the Lego Bionicles Series. I have 4 full boxes of Bionicles in storage. And i’ve kept the original packaging, and all of the original pieces. I’ve bought EVERY SINGLE bionicle that came out at that time. I’m sure that they have something new and gay now, but these were the beginning of it. What attracted me was the story line and look of the toys. They looked so evil, and i really liked that. I collected these with my brother, up until the day we realized that we’ve spent more than 2000 dollars on these toys. I think the day we stopped was when we looked at each other and said, “WOW! we could have bought a PS2 and some games to go with it!” hahaha. Good times.

036/365 – Basti

I was at the mall today, grabbing an olympic pin when i saw basti! he’s my day 36! He’s my friend’s cousin! what can i say about basti? hmm.. He’s so much fun to play with. One day, we were playing wii sports – bowling and when i won, he got really pissed off and started throwing things at me – which was pretty funny, but got really serious really fast when he threw the wii remote at me – man it really hurt. Tsk tsk tsk…

037/365 – Twisted.

Today was really sunny! I had the chance to take a landscape photos of the skytrain path – which is something i’ve always wanted to do. I know its suppose to be product day today, but i just couldnt pass up a sunny day considering that it’s just been raining and raining and raining!

041/365 – Pattullo Bridge

This photo comes straight out of the iPhone. I was coming home and i passed by front street and because of major traffic, i was able to snap this photo of the Pattullo Bridge. I didnt have my 5D with me so too bad… so sad. hahahah.

Lately, Vancouver weather has been more cooperative and i would like to ask for about 2 weeks of sunshine for my break and maybe 3 days of snowfall so that i can take portraits in the snow and in the sun. Regardless, i will be snapping photos away.

My finals are in about a week so it’s time to really focus! 😀 See you all on the other side!

042/365 – Last Day of Clinical!

Today, was the last day of clinical for term 3. We were all part of LGH’s 4 east and we had a blast! we met different types of people. And though we learned all of the basic skill sets together, we each had our own unique experiences.

We want to say thanks to 4 east and thanks to our awesome instructor Shayna!

043/365 – Jed’s portrait II

Today was one of those days that i had to bring out my 85mm f1.2 L II. And this photo was taken of Jed. The 365 project is all about practice, and this one of the the many ways that i practice – take photos of those people that i am pretty close with.

044/365 – Drunk Driving

I dont mean to nag but… this is a friendly reminder to people that if you are going to drink, do yourself a favor and dont drive. Just get a DD, or get a marlon who will not drink and would be more happy driving a whole bunch of drunk people home – JUST DONT VOMIT IN MY CAR.

taken with the 5Dii, i am very amazed at the low light capabilities of this camera! this was shot at iso 3200. Look at the lack of noise!

045/365 – Marble Slab!

Today, i was able to spend time with Janelle. I picked her up from her exam at BCIT and we went to eat at sushi train. I ordered a Salifornia roll and she ordered a prawn tempura plate. If you guys ever go there, grab the salifornia roll – its 7.99 and it’ll definitely get you full! YUM. sometimes i have cravings just thinking about it!

Anyways, after that we went to watch the new twilight movie; new moon. it was suuuppperrrr sappy – as expected but the plot was good. we left the movie theater and we both came to the conclusion that the movie was SUPPPERRRRR GAYYY. hahhahaha!

But one of the cool things is that during the filming of the movie, they were at front street. I love front street! it’s in new west and I took Carlos + Camille’s photos there.

Anyways, we headed down to marble slab because janelle wanted some ice cream and being the good boyfriend that i am, of course we went there – and hey, i needed something for my 365 and here it is! – these are marble slab cones from marble slab creamery. they are sooo goooood! when you guys go there make sure you get the cookie dough topping. its super delicious!

so thats it! see you tomorrow!

046/365 – What Do You See?!

I am definitely lacking inspiration today. I went from taking pictures of highlighters, to taking pictures of my 3 L prime lenses. There are just those days that you dont want to take pictures. For my last effort, I decided to dig up an old photo that i took back in april and give it a new spin. So here it is, and i hope you guys like it. HAHA.

047/365 – My workhorse Trinity

You like? i really like it a lot. hahaha. This is my workhorse trinity. I rely on these lenses heavily and they deliver shot after shot after shot! I have no complaints and i would recommend everybody to have the same set for an FF. If you are using a crop, then it’d have to be the sig 30, 50 f1.4, and the 85mm f1.8. That’ll deliver amazing photos as well.

for those photogs out there…
There are a couple of things wrong with this photo and things i realized:
1) i need a tilt shift if i was ever serious about taking product photos as tilt shifts provide a huge range of DOF
2) The use of a tent would be better. This shot was taken with a white dining table, and a white wall as a background – merged in post process. A letter-sized piece of paper was used to diffuse the harsh room lights.
3) In order for these types of photos to be approved by a stock company, you’d need to reduce shadows, eliminate brands, purple fringing and specular highlights. Just something to think about if i ever wanted to delve into that.

Remember! this is all about practice!

048/365 – Swing Set: Brotherly Love

So today, i was definitely sick of studying! I came home at about 10:00am and i decided to go out to debeck park to see if i could take a photo of something. I walked to the jungle gym set and i saw these monkey bars. And it reminded me of a story…

Back in the day, I used to attend debeck elementary school with my little brother, Marc. One day, when i was 10 years old, Marc and I were locked out of the house and had to wait for someone to come home. We decided that it would make more sense to go to the park and find something to do than to just wait and get bored. We ended up playing on the jungle gym set and i saw these monkey bars. I told my brother that i was highly skilled and I could skip two rings. He asked me to show him and of course, i attempted it. I grabbed the first ring and jumped as far as i could to grab the fourth ring. I got my finger tips on it and accidentally let go of the first ring. When i let go, i realized that i didnt have a good grip on the 4th ring so i ended up on the gravel face down. I ended up scraping my right elbow and my left knee. I was bleeding heavily and my brother said, “Ahia! (it means older brother) Dont move! i’ll go find someone to help you!” He ended up finding my teacher, and we were able to go home once i got cleaned up. Now thats brotherly love – he’ll always be around to see all of the stupid things i do. And when i fail, he’ll be there to get me up on my feet.

050/365 – Finally Sleeping in!

Today i was able to sleep in! i was suppose to go out and shoot in downtown but when i saw what the weather was like outside, i decided to sleep in.

maybe tomorrow i can go out and shoot in downtown. I still got lots to do tomorrow. i gotta edit photos and do other things. SIGH. i wonder when i can go downtown. I also want to play COD MW2, and L4D2.

051/365 – Clubbing @ Caprice!

Janelle and I were able to get to downtown just before 10pm. So as we were walking there, i wanted to take a picture of her and the beautiful downtown city lights.

052/365 – GABOOO!!!

The following day after clubbing at caprice, we went to Janelle’s family friends’ house to celebrate their choir’s annual christmas party! they had exchange gifts, but sadly, i forgot to bring a gift, so i wasn’t included in it.

053/365 – Vivitar 285hvs!

These flashes were designed back in the 80s – i believe – and they were redesigned for the digital slr era. I really like them because they are cheap (@ 90 dollars per pop) and reliable. In comparison to nikon’s and canon’s flashes, they are built better, and hold as much power as those said flashes. These flashes are not without faults, as they don’t have automatic controls. I’m going to leave it at that as i’m not sure what else i can say about them.

054/365 – The Christmas Tree is UP!!!! YAY!

Finally! It’s dec 14, 2009, and now the christmas tree is up! Janelle’s family brought their tree and decorations up on remembrance day and as christmas approached, i wondered when we’d get our tree up.

This angel has been with our family for so long now. i think it’s been about 10 years now, and auntie evy gave it to us. – i am not 100% sure. i’d have to check my sources.

055/365 – Side tracked from Scouting.

I went scouting today because in 2 days, i have to take kalvin’s photos. So today, prior to work, i went to the steveston area to see if there were backgrounds that i could take advantage of.

As i was scouting, it started to rain lightly. And as the rain started to pour, i went straight for the shaded sidewalks. I walked across the toy store on moncton and i saw these monkey stuffed dolls. They were pretty cute. hahahhaa

056/365 – Scouting in yaletown.

As a photographer, scouting for locations is one of my jobs. When the day of the shoot comes around, i have to be prepared and i have to know what i am going to do and how i am going to execute it. So today, i took the skytrain down to yaletown and started taking pictures of whatever i could. I found a couple of locations but this was the first area that i wanted to hit first for my shoot with kalvin.

057/365 – Kalvin’s Shoot.

So the day finally came and i was able to take pictures of Kalvin. There’s a full album of what we shot and here’s one of the photos that i took of Kalvin. I plan on shooting him some more next year.

058/365 – AJ + Raf.

The following day after Kalvin’s shoot, I intended to shoot AJ + Raf. I picked them up in the morning and we went straight for front street in New West. I’ve shot on front street before but this time around, we went farther down towards the rail tracks and found a nice old warehouse. I’m pretty sure that i’ll be shooting there again during the summer time.

059/365 – Future Shop

One time, i was too early visiting janelle, so i went to future shop. Whenever i go to either Futureshop or Best Buy, i go to 3 specific sections. (1) Cameras – DUH. (2) Computers – another duh… (3) Home entertainment.

Anyways, i was there to check out the rebel cameras because i wanted to pick up a camera for Janelle. I am so very indecisive and i’m the type of guy that requires to do oodles and oodles of research before actually doing it. so yeah… this is part of the research phase.

060/365 – Family Portraits!

Janelle needed pictures of her and her family so that she can send some christmas cards home. So we set up a small photo booth in their living room. and we snapped some shots. Here’s one of her cousin, ate diorel.

061/ 365 – Rebel T1i.

Since Janelle was taking the 5D home, i wanted to have a camera for myself so that on christmas day, i could take pictures of my family. This camera sure looks odd with that huge lens in front of it. haha!

062/365 – Christmas time!… well… not really.

As a family, we celebrate christmas as the clock hits 12. Right after 12, we open gifts, and eat lots and lots of ham. Before 12, we eat and eat dinner. we watch movies, and just enjoy each other’s company.

So what did i get this year? Nothing much. Just cash, a tube of gel, a bowtie, and a car seat warmer. LOL. This is better than last year. Last year, i got a ton of presents but my parents werent home, so it didnt really feel like christmas. I’d rather have no gifts and my family around me than to have gifts and no one around.

063/365 – Janelle’s going home!

Sadly, Janelle and I are going to be separated from each other on our 1 year anniversary – January 1st 2010. She has to attend ate Karen’s wedding, and thats just how it is!

So anyways, i just wanted to tell her that i love her very much and i hope she has a safe and enjoyable ride home. She rode business class on the way home. I hope she enjoys it.

064/365 – Wah – Wah – Wha – What?!

Do you see that? yeah… exactly. LOL. Someone gave us home made cookies of gingerbread people doing THAT. Anyways, it’s boxing day and instead of participating, I sat home today, and waited for janelle’s text or call, played some COD, watched GI-Joe (which by the way, is a horrible movie).

065/365 – YFC Winter Formal

Right after the boxing day, i spent the night taking pictures at OLGC for a YFC event. A lot of the photos can be seen in my other albums on facebook. [Unfortunately, for privacy sakes, i will not be linking it here on wordpress.]

066/365 – @ Maria’s House

So today, Jed and I went to maria’s house to hang out, eat chicken and watch the hangover. Jed and I brought the drinks, Maria had the movie.

067/365 – Teaching Basti!

Today, to make time fly by, I went with part of the abais family to teach Basti how to skate.

I found out that i can be a pretty tough teacher. But in the end, basti learned two things; (1) How to skate independently and confidently without the aid of a “walker” and (2) how to get up off the ice without any external source of help.

068/365 – Lining up.

So let’s skip ahead to January 6 2010. I admit that i have dropped the ball on this project, but i’ll pick it back up now and get it rolling again. This shot was taken on January 4 2010, and it was everyone’s first day of school for the spring term.

I spent most of that day in not just 1. Not 2. But 3 excruciatingly long line ups. I first lined up to attain my U-pass in the C building. After that, i had to get my photo ID’s renewed. And then i lined up to get my nursing books at the bookstore.

I was released from class at 11.30, but went home at 3 because of the said line ups.

069/365 – The charter of norms

I have mixed feelings about having classes go from 1230-1730. I have the chance to take my time in the morning, yet i come home by 1830 – which really sucks.

Anyways, on thursdays, i have 2 nursing courses back to back and today, we decided to write up a list of the charter of norms. These are rules WE think that the teacher might enforce. The one that really stood out to me was, “Hourly tea/pee breaks.” Lol.

Oh. And i wrote the top one, “Be open minded & respectful”. Creative, eh?

070/365 – Missing Janelle.

Janelle is leaving the Philippines tomorrow, and today, i just missed her so much that i had to put up this cute picture of her.

071/365 – Can’t Sleep.

Today, i just couldnt sleep so i decided that i’d be time for me to do a self-portrait. So tada! here it is! My first self-portrait for the 365 project!

072/365 – Janelle’s Back.

Yay! Janelle’s back from the Philippines. It was definitely nice to spend time with her today even if all we did was lounge around and watch TV.

073/365 – Staple Removal!

Today, i went to my morning lab and learned how to remove staples from a patient. We also learned how to remove sutures and drains.

Surgical staples are specialized staples used in surgery in place of sutures to close skin wounds, connect or remove parts of the bowels or lungs.

The tool to remove the staples is pretty cool, but if you use the tool inappropriately, you can definitely force the staple into the person and that wouldnt be a good idea.

074/365 – Bundle of Joy!

We are all really excited for my sister! It’ll be a win/win situation for me! First of all, i will be an uncle and secondly, i will have a new photo subject!

I really believe that this is what photography is about; to freeze the moment in time, allowing people to time travel and enable them to reminisce on the past.

075/365 – Hip Replacement

So today, we were able to have a tour of the OR at Richmond Hospital. It was really cool but I realized that it may or may not be meant for me because they usually stand for longs hours at a time. Even standing at one position made my lower back and the balls of my feet hurt.

To make a long story short, at the end of the amazing tour, we were playing with the implants that they put into people. This implant is for people in need of hip replacements. It may or may not look big in the photo but it’s HUGE! The shaft alone is as long as half of your thigh! So what they do is replace the ball joint in your hip with that thing right there. A hole is drilled into your femur and the shaft is hammered into your femur so it stays in place! Isn’t that terrific? Well I thought it was pretty cool.

076/365 – Group Presentations and a Wedgie.

So as part of the nursing program, we have to learn how to perform patient teaching. So I’m assuming that the best way to do that is by doing in-class presentations.

So when it came to presenting the poster we’ve made during class, no one wanted to volunteer. So i was somewhat pressured to do it. When i went up there to do the presentation, I messed up the first few words and my filipino accent came out. So what happened was that Jennicar & Sheena started laughing. As i was doing the presentation, they kept laughing and laughing!

At the end of the class when i asked them, “what was so funny…” they said, “pull down your jeans, your ass is eating your jeans.” MAN! what the heck was that!

077/365 – Running around GVRD.

Lots of things happened today! Too bad i didn’t get a picture of our dinner with Rica + Soy + Kayla. So before I start this, I’m just wondering if I’m allowed to post this many photos on 1 day. Hahaha! Anyways…

Top Left: During a break in between their classes, Afsoun was teaching Sylvia how to properly hold a tray because Sylvia had a new job as a waitress. Congrats!

Top Right: After classes, I bussed home and went straight for guilford mall to sell off my lens. That guy picked it up after testing it. Man, was it scary to count cash in that mall. hahaha.

Bottom Left: After our dinner with Kayla + Soy + Rica, Janelle and I dressed up to go and to new west to attend our friend’s birthday party. So happy birthday Kuya Ed!

Bottom Right: To end the night, Janelle and I took a few pictures around downtown new west. In this picture, i kept telling her to stop walking but she just wouldn’t listen – which is why she’s laughing!

So that’s that!

078/365 – Karmen’s Birthday @ Sammy J’s!

Last night, we went to Sammy J’s at metrotown to celebrate Karmen’s Birthday. It was awesome to catch up with everyone again even if we are now in separate nursing terms.

079/365 – My Bomb!

I locked myself in my room today and studied for the entire day. Well almost. Actually, let me just say that i did quite a lot today. (1) I updated my website – The event + portrait samples were updated. (2) I uploaded pictures from this weekend’s events (3) Did my pre-reading for classes this week (4) looked for an article for my article summary thats due on friday (5) prepared drug calculations for tomorrow’s lab. and whole lot of other things that i cannot remember. So when it came to be about 8 o clock, i realized that i didnt have anything to post. So somewhat uninspired, i decided to post a picture of my bomb. Well people normally refer to it as one because its so huge & heavy.

Well anyways, these hardigg cases are really awesome! They are shock proof, dust proof, weather proof, water proof and pressure proof. Wow. (that’s a lot of proofs in a sentence!). They are really heavy though. with all of my gear inside, it equates to something like 20 lbs? or 25 lbs? i forget. It’s a good thing that it’s got wheels because if it didn’t, i wouldn’t bring it out of my house! So that’s that! ta-da!!!

080/365 – Field Trip to RF

Today, i fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit the RF studio. It was great to finally meet Desy, and talk about some of the equipment that he uses to produce those stunning wedding videos. Thanks again for your time!

081/365 – Just a friendly reminder…

Just wanted to remind you to wash your hands! STOP the bugs! I’d love to go to those skytrains and wipe them down with a caviwipe. Maybe I’ll do it this thursday just to see how dirty those railings are…

082/365 – Little White Chapel…

Today, I came early to Richmond Hospital so that i could try to photocopy some material at the library. But the library was closed, so i went straight to the place where i would meet the rest of my clinical group. Since i was caught up with work and was prepared for the day, i started to think about what i would post for my 365. I opened the blinds in the boardroom and immediately, I saw the white chapel that’s placed behind the theater and the hospital. Coincidently, there seemed to be a wedding happening, so i decided to run outside and take pictures with my iPhone.

083/365 – More class work, less wedgies…

Today was kinda dull. We learned about ostomy bags, and things related to Gastrointestinal problems (things to do with the digestive tract…)

But the good thing was, i had no wedgies when i presented. But Car + Sheena still laughed regardless.

084/365 – Ilanaaq the Inukshuk + Avatar

Has anyone seen this before? It’s on Gilbert in Richmond! I thought that it was the coolest thing ever!

Later that night, i went to watch avatar with Janelle. Rotten Tomato rated it at 92%, and we decided that it’d be either avatar or the book of Eli. So we decided to go with the higher rating and it really didn’t disappoint. Actually, the only thing that we didn’t like was the fact that it was not in IMAX 3D. I’d rewatch that movie in iMAX 3D! it’s visually stunning! I loved the camera angles!

085/365 – Brand New Car Smell!

Janelle and I spent a good amount of our time at suzuki yesterday. Her parents wanted to find a reliable compact SUV. They tried the RAV4, Equinox, CRV, and the Grand Vitara. In the end, they picked the Grand Vitara and drove home with it that night.

I remembered when the grand vitara first came out. I wanted one because at that time, it looked so sexy and actually, to this date, it still does.

086/365 – Happy 13 months Love!

Today, to celebrate our 13 months which is on Feb 1st, we decided to eat out at wings. Whenever we eat at wings, we always tend to order the same thing. I guess we arent too much into change…

anyways… we always order the following:
(1) Ice Tea
(1) Coke
(2) Greek Wings
(1) Honey garlic Wings
(1) Yam fries
(1) Wow-wee sauce

Anyways, Happy 13 months love. I love you very much!

087/365 – Wow! Monstrous Heads!

I saw these on a friend’s blog and i just had to see them for myself! They ARE really really big! I tried to compose and compose and compose using an iphone to show you how big they were, but seriously, i couldnt get it done.

Anyways, so after i saw these, i headed straight to future shop to have a gander at the 7D. (you like that word; Gander? fancy eh?)

088/365 – I go to school here?!

I just realized that I go to school at a hospital. And i never had this realization even when i attended clinical at Lions Gate Hospital or Vancouver General Hospital.

Just what do i do here? Well, just as every nursing student, i help patients get better and i empower them through teaching. It’s really a rewarding job.

089/365 – 6 months today!

My sister came by our house today. Since it was her 6th month for her pregnancy, they wanted to take some pictures to commemorate the day. So here’s one of the few! 3 more months! 😀

090/365 – The Olympic Line! – It’s FREE! – for now…

So since today was such a nice day, i decided to check out the Olympic Line. For those who don’t know, it can be found at the Olympic Village stop and it’ll carry passengers from the Olympic Village Skytrain Stop on the Canada Line, and carry them to Grandville Island.

Once i got on, i noticed that all of the seats and handles were made of brown leather. It was pretty high end, and immediately, i thought of how easy it is for vandals to ruin these seats using knifes and whatnot. The streetcar is so small much like the very original streetcar. It is person driven which is different from the skytrains that we are used to.

It’s free from now until March 2 so check it out. It seems that they were getting prepared for the long line ups that are to be expected from the 2010 Winter Olympics.

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